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  1. Programming Note

    Hey friends!  School and work are now in full swing, plus I’m trying to keep up my yoga practice and keep up with my plans for a Be the Match donor drive.  I won’t be on Tumblr as often but I still use my Twitter to blow off steam (FYI: a good bit more NSFW).  If you want to stay in touch add @JeraldFjord and otherwise I’ll see you all intermittently/next summer!

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    #closed for the season
  3. fitvillains:

Anyone else like playing “Kale Bride” when they get a new bunch?  Nope? Just me? Well then.


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  5. desixlb:

they weren’t kidding with the name “giant red mustard”. will make saag paneer with this harvest.

oh damn now I’m hungry for Indian food


    they weren’t kidding with the name “giant red mustard”. will make saag paneer with this harvest.

    oh damn now I’m hungry for Indian food

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  7. generalbriefing:


    Ask a Slave

    Black filmmaker Azie Dungey stars in a new comedy series on YouTube called “Ask a Slave.” The show, which premiered on Labor Day and airs episodes each Sunday, is actually pretty funny and simultaneously eye-opening

    Watch Episode 2 here

    Reblogging for Ep2. Subscribe people. You know you want more.

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  11. ayabug:

    Home of Brazilian architect & designer Carlos Motta

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  13. brandef:



    My husband got 2 chicks for me before the second surgery on my arm. Turned out they were sick and, despite my best care, one died. The other became very attached to me, and I to her, and we’ve kept each other company ever since. She follows me everywhere, but still lets me know if she would prefer to go somewhere else, she calls me to share food with her, to preen or sleep, she pays attention to where I tap my finger (like it’s a beak!) and she still hides her head under my arm if the hawks appear. Almost every day we go hunting for bugs together and she even learned to strip aphids off my vegetables. Since I was bedridden for a long time, she’s very patient if I’m on the phone or computer, because that is what she grew up being use to (She likes to watch the screens. She also loves to try and play Pokemon on the DS) but, besides that, I try not to ask her to be anything but a chicken. Because it’s that she’s a chicken that I am so in love with her. Seeing the extreme joy she experiences from just a dust bath in the sun, or her curiosity at life around her, turns out to have been everything I needed to overcome my worries. 

    She is adorable. Someone please tell me again why people think it’s okay for them to kill and take the lives of these birds just for the sake of a meal?

    di rty b i rd to ea rth it to sail so many shots in ww3 democracy now talking ww4 seems rite information ward http://www.zcommunications.org/truman-and-the-memory-of-mass-murder-by-david-swanson-1.html  demonkrats n om om no till garden

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  16. desixlb:

    maggie cheung and her costumes in itmfl are a feast for the eyes.

    these exquisite qipaos were used like characters in this sublime film.

    "Hero" is my favorite movie because of her.

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